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Tired of your job? No need to resign

Tired of your job?  No need to resign

According to American human resources expert Sarah Aviram, you don’t have to work from Bali to find happiness at work. (Photo: 123RF)

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Wake-up-morning. “Happiness is an eternal state. It corresponds to what we want at a particular time and it depends on external factors. Anyway, a sense of accomplishment.”

American human resources expert Sarah Aviram made this observation after surveying a number of teleworkers and digital nomads during a journey that took her to twelve countries. She said during a TED talk in 2022.

Faced with a state of utter inadequacy, she convinced her employer, a technology firm in New York, to let her work in various destinations to immerse herself in these cultures, where the company wanted to recruit talent.

However, when the novelty wore off, she realized that what really needed to change was not where she kept her laptop, but her job. Or at least, she pushes to work.

Stuck in their routine, workers sometimes wonder why they accepted a position, the mission they were assigned to, ultimately motivating them and fueling their sense of accomplishment.

To regain this satisfaction of fulfilling a duty, Sarah Aviram believes there is no need to resign — with a few exceptions, she adds.

“Perhaps you can start the next chapter of your career at an organization you know, where you’ve built credibility, trust and a network, and they’re willing to let you try things you’ve never done before,” he suggests. Speaker.

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A little introspection is required

Sarah Aviram suggests asking yourself three questions to find a sense of accomplishment at work.

First, you need to identify what tasks or responsibilities make you happy. Not just those you excel at, but those you enjoy achieving.

Ask yourself how these tasks allow you to create added value for your organization and your customers. The expert suggests surveying your colleagues or your employer to determine “the right balance between what excites you and the needs of your clients or your employer.”

Next, she recommends finding new strings to your bow to develop in terms of what makes you happy at work. A sense of progress, as we master new skills, is an important driver of nurturing this sense of accomplishment, according to his research.

At the end of this exercise, you can create a role from scratch that is not part of your company’s organizational chart. Proposing to your employer that you fulfill these new duties can make you dizzy as you wonder if they will agree to review your list of responsibilities.

Author of the book Remotivation: The Remote Worker’s Ultimate Guide to Life, increases this: Giving your employees the option to work from anywhere is a huge benefit. Allowing them to feed their sense of accomplishment by doing things that turn them on is another.

To telework or not to telework, is a question that is confusing many companies at the start of the 2023 school year.

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