July 20, 2024

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“We Talk About Dying”; Don’t make this mistake in picking mushrooms

"We Talk About Dying";  Don't make this mistake in picking mushrooms

Of the 3,300 types of mushrooms in Quebec, there are about 200 poisonous species, which makes it important to recognize the ones we choose, but according to experts there are certain methods to avoid.

Identification through a species identification mobile app, for example, is not recommended at all.

“For mushrooms, forget it altogether,” says Claire Bouchard, owner of Formations Champignons.

This type of application has a good chance of making a mistake in its identification.

“You have an 80% error rate,” she adds. So, it’s like playing Russian roulette, rolling five balls into the barrel for six balls.

At least ten of the 200 venomous species are deadly.

“We’re talking about dying,” the expert insisted.

One solution to avoid making a mistake is to go with an expert to learn or follow the training.

“You really have to start and learn by reading books,” she continues. It is easy to support training groups like Formations Champignons or even with a circle of mycologists.

It is also possible to harvest mushrooms instead of picking them to completely eliminate the risk.

According to the Quebec Poison Control Centre, about a hundred people are hospitalized each year after being poisoned by eating mushrooms.

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