July 20, 2024

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Tramway: Bruno Marchand is right to be concerned

Tramway: Bruno Marchand is right to be concerned

The results of last week’s by-election in Jean-Talon Like cold rain for Prime Minister François Legault and his caucus.

Suddenly, CAQ realized it was not invincible.

Looking at the faces at the CAQ rally last Monday, it was as if defeat was not expected. However, since the by-elections began, many analysts have raised the possibility of the ruling party’s defeat.

Apparently, the CAQ did not anticipate the consequences of defeat. Because, last week, it was improvisation, diversion and, above all, panic.

Everything is on the table

Twenty-four hours after the defeat, Mr. Legault restarted the Third Link project.

Mr Legault said he would contact the population. However, during the last general elections, she was contacted twice. When and how will these consultations take place? We don’t know, but according to CAQ elected officials, everything is on the table.

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This is where the mayor of Quebec should be concerned about his tram project. A file that has been pulled for many years and is not popular with the population.

We are still waiting for the final cost of the project. Many figures are in circulation, but if the figure of eight or nine billion is confirmed, the approval rate would grant 32% of accidents.

Apparently, Bruno Marchand did not succeed in getting the project accepted.

Find friends

The CAQ lost Jean-Talon because it failed to properly sense the mood of the Quebec public.

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If François Legault decides to listen to the population again, he will hear that the tram project must be cancelled. With such a decision, CAQ will reconnect with old friends it has lost sight of.

As Francois Legault is currently isolated in Quebec, his desire to reconnect with the population displeases Bruno Marchand.

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