July 20, 2024

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15 Things People Under 25 Can’t Recognize

15 Things People Under 25 Can't Recognize

“I’m talking to you about a time that those under 20 don’t know,” Charles Aznavour once sang.

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Just like our favorite French singer, today we’re talking to you about a time unknown to under-25s.

Born with an iPhone in hand, representatives of Generation Z will not have the opportunity to know the wonderful things listed below:

45 rpm adapter

valleyboi63 – stock.adobe.com

It was used to fill the large hole in the center of 45 rpm vinyl records so they could be played on a turntable.

Car cigarette lighter

HarmK – stock.adobe.com

It was used to light a cigarette while driving your car. It was also used to cause burns to children who were waiting in the car for dad to buy a case of Laurentide.

Pager (or “Pager”)

Tyler – stock.adobe.com

It is used to say that someone wants to talk to us, but we cannot speak directly into it. To do that you need to find the phone.

A cassette rewinder

sirikorn – stock.adobe.com

It used to rewind VHS tapes faster than a VCR. Rewinding tapes is essential for one reason: not to be fined at the video store.

Wired remote control

It is used to change the TV set without having to get up from your chair. A revolutionary!

RCA cables

Pavelr – stock.adobe.com

They are used to connect electronic devices together, such as: TV to VCR, TV to Nintendo, sound system to speakers.

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A round plastic box for camera films

Roman Kornev – stock.adobe.com

Before taking them to Jean-Couture or Direct Film to be developed, the photos were used to store films stripped of light.

A pre-Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) video game console

antomar – stock.adobe.com

Many “youngsters” mistakenly believe that the NES was the first popular video game console. This is wrong. Many Quebec homes have an Atari or a Commodore 64 or an Intellivision or a Colcovision.


Emanula – stock.adobe.com

It was used to heal all possible and unimaginable wounds by making a beautiful orange sun above.

A rolodex

Brett – stock.adobe.com

It is used to write contact information of people you know. Kind of like the “Contacts” application on a cell phone, but for real.

Cassette with auxiliary wire

cristi180884 – stock.adobe.com

It was used to play compact discs in a car with only a cassette player. We plugged the wire into a portable compact disc player, put the duplicate cassette into the stereo, and magic!

A Simon

It was used to play a memory game with colors and sounds.

An overhead projector

chungking – stock.adobe.com

Unlike a “retro projector”, an overhead projector is used to project images onto a wall or screen. Images should be previously printed on acetates.

Bottle Opener (BOB)

As its name suggests, it was used to open a beer bottle when it was still a beer bottle.

A multi-point club calculator

It used to accumulate points by watching TV, which were then redeemable for discounts at the grocery store and allowed you to enter contests.

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