April 14, 2024

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Trump calls Colin Powell the real tough guy after Biden’s endorsement

Trump calls Colin Powell the real tough guy after Biden's endorsement

President Trump called Colin Powell a “real tough” on Sunday – after announcing former Secretary of State Joe Biden’s endorsement of the president.

“Colin Powell, a real tough guy who is very responsible for engaging us in the devastating Middle East wars, announced he was voting for another tough Sleepy Joe Biden. Didn’t Powell say there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? They didn’t, but we went to war!” Trump wrote Twitter Shortly after Powell appeared on CNN.

Powell, the first African-American to serve as president and secretary of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has joined other former military leaders, criticizing the president’s comments about using US troops to prevent unrest following the death of George Floyd.

“We have a constitution. We need to follow that constitution. The president has shied away from it, ”Powell told CNNState of the Union. “

Within an hour, Trump responded to Powell and listed his accomplishments.

“Someone please tell the exaggerated Colin Powell, I’ve got about 300 federal judges approved (one record), two great Supreme Court justices, our once dwindling army, the choice for vets, the biggest tax and regulatory cuts, saved healthcare and 2A, and more!” Trump wrote Twitter.

Powell, who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, said she was proud of former military officers and that national and global demonstrations were indicative of Americans’ approval.

“I think what we’re seeing right now is this massive protest movement I’ve seen in my life. I think the country is going to be smart about it. We’re not going to deal with this anymore,” Powell told CNN.

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Former Defense Secretary James Mattis wrote this week in an edition of The Atlantic that Trump “does not even pretend to try to unite the country” and that there is no “mature leadership.”

Mattis’ comments came a day after current Defense Secretary Mark Esper said he would not support Trump’s plan to use the US military against protesters.

Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milly wrote a memo commemorating the constitutional pledges to the Armed Forces, and that their responsibilities were “to protect lives and property, maintain peace and ensure public safety.”

Millie wrote, “Members of the Joint Forces – people of all races, colors and religions – you embrace the values ​​of our Constitution. We will uphold the values ​​of our nation and please all our troops and leaders that we will comply with national laws and our own high standards.”

President George W. Bush is not involved in Trump’s reelection campaign The New York Times Announced.

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