April 14, 2024

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Trump defends Mike Pompeo against accusations after he removes IG

Trump defends Mike Pompeo against accusations after he removes IG

President Trump on Monday defended Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s nonsense allegations of misuse of his office, and said Pompeo himself had asked for the ouster of Secretary of State Steve Lynch.

Linick, according to the report, investigated Pompeo for making personal mistakes, such as treating his dog, dry cleaning, and dismantling Congress by authorizing arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

“Now, I don’t know anything about the investigation. But you tell me about walking the dog and what the foods are doing? “Trump asked a reporter.

“He’s busy. Maybe he’s negotiating with Kim Jong-on about nuclear weapons, so he said, ‘Please, can you walk my dog?’ Do you think my dog ​​can walk? I’m talking to Kim Jong, or talking to President Xi about paying us for some damage to the world and to us, ” Trump said.

“Mike is of the highest quality – he’s a very smart guy. Now you have told me about dog walking and washing utensils. You know what? Since his wife is not there or his children are not there, I would rather have him on the phone with some world leaders than wash his dishes. You know, what do you mean? It’s scary. This is so stupid. Do you know how stupid the world is? Unbelievable. “

Trump said he could not recall a problem with Pompeo, which allegedly avoided Congress in recognizing $ 8 billion in arms sales in the Saudi arms market last year.

“We have to take jobs and make money because it’s billions of dollars,” Trump said. “If somebody wants to give us billions of dollars to buy an airplane or a lot of airplanes or missiles and all the other stuff we do better than anyone in the world, we have to take the money. We have to make deals faster.”

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Pompeo told the Washington Post on Monday that he had asked Trump to remove Lynch, who has been in the Obama administration since 2013, because he “To underminePompeo said he was unaware of the proceedings, except for one “involving a national security matter”, explicitly referring to Saudi arms sales, for which he Is said to have been denied Sit down for an interview.

Trump said he did not know Lynch, but encouraged other cabinet officials to remove Obama’s reserves.

“Who appointed him? They said President Obama. I said, ‘Look, I’ll finish him. I don’t know what’s going on besides the phone. You have to ask Mike Pompeo, ”Trump said.

“I asked Mike to do it. I think he should have done this a long time ago. They want to get rid of you I think that should be done. “

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