April 14, 2024

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Trump donors pour money into AOC rival Caruso-Cabrera’s treasures

Trump donors pour money into AOC rival Caruso-Cabrera's treasures

Campaign records show that the best donors to President Trump are paying thousands of dollars to the campaign team of Democratic incumbent Republican President Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes – Michael Caruso-Cabrera.

Broadcaster Stanley Hubbard, who contributed 5,000 175,000 to the pro-Trump Great America PAC, contributed a maximum of 6 5,600 to Caruso-Cabrera, according to filings with OpenSecretts.org and the Federal Election Commission.

“Cowboy venture capitalist” Darren Blanton, who gave $ 41,000 to pro-Trump campaign companies, donated 6 5,600 to Caruso-Cabrera.

Nelson Potts, a fundraiser who held a lavish fundraiser at his Palm Beach home earlier this year to help raise $ 10 million for Trump and the RNC, kicked 6 5,600 into the campaign for Caruso-Cabrera.

Venture investor Walter Buckley, who donated $ 1 million to the Trump Victory Fund and $ 5,000 125,000 to the Trump Victory Fund, paid 6 5,600 to the AOC’s primary antagonist.

The AOC is at odds with Wall Street and big business – he has objected to an ambitious plan to open a campus headquarters on the Amazon Queen’s Front.

Caruso-Cabrera is a former senior business journalist and CNBC presenter.

Caruso-Cabrera operates as a moderate, pro-democratic alternative to the Ocasio-Cortez in the 14th Congressional District, which throws ass at Astoria, Sunnyside, Jackson Heights and College Point in Queens and Morris Park, Barcaster, City Island and The Bronx.

Caruso-Cabrera defended the abandoned Amazon headquarters and criticized the AOC for helping to prevent it.

Asked about donations from Trump supporters, Caruso-Cabrera spokesman Hank Scheinkoff said, “The AOC’s divisive behavior has created a national coalition supporting the MCC. The AOC continues to work against our speculative presidential candidate, Joe Biden. The AOC wants to be with Donald Trump 13.7 percent of the time. His vote on SALT was on lockdown with the president, which hurt NY. “

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He cites an AOC vote against a House bill to repeal legislation that would limit state and local tax deductions on federal income tax returns, which primarily benefit the wealthy, home-owned taxpayers and his voting record.

During an NY1 debate Friday night, candidates were asked whether they would raise taxes on homes earning at least $ 500,000. The AOC of the Jalalabad Association, Caruso-Cabrera and Badrun Khan were also present.

Okazio-Cortெஸ்s said yes to raising taxes on the wealthy, just as Khan did.

Caruso-Cabrera said he opposes raising taxes during the financial crisis caused by the corona virus epidemic.

They quit last month in a brutal debate.

The primary election is June 23 but early voting begins on Saturday. Residents can also vote by mail.

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