June 21, 2024

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Trump Intel president Clinniak categorizes calls between Flynn

Trump Intel president Clinniak categorizes calls between Flynn

Former National Intelligence Director Richard Grenell has published transcripts of phone calls between former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and former US Ambassador to the US Sergei Kislak.

Grenal’s move was replaced by former Representative John Radcliffe (R-Tx.), Who was sworn in Tuesday after voting 49-44 to confirm the Senate position.

Now that the declassification review process for those transcripts is complete, Radcliffe, his successor, will decide whether they are being published.

A set of Russia review documents included copies of the December 2016 invitations between Flynn and Kislak.

Grenell said last week that the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) Was trying to categorize the files after he asked them to do so.

Last week, Flynn’s lawyer Sidney Powell, along with former national security adviser Susan Rice, called for the release of the copies.

Powell told Sirius XM’s “The Don Abrams Show” last Wednesday that he would like to see those conversations made public, arguing that he believed the transcript would help liberate his client.

“I think that’s the reason we don’t see it [the transcripts] Because the term ‘sanctions’ does not even appear in them, ”he said.

Rice’s spokesman responded to a categorical email written by Rice and sent him on President Trump’s inauguration day, calling for the release of transcripts.

The email, classified by Grenell, documented the January 5 meeting of Flynn with Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates.

Rice wrote that Comey expressed some concern about the frequency of Flynn’s contact with Kisliak, saying that this could cause a problem when sharing important information.

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Rice accused Obama of asking Comey if the NSC should not send important information about Russia to Flynn, to which Comey replied that he was “probable.”

“[Comey] He said there was no indication that Flynn had sent classified information to Kislyak, but that the level of communication was unusual.

Flynn was fired in early 2017 for lying to Vice President Mike Pence over his links with the Russian ambassador, so Pence unknowingly lied in an interview. In late 2017, Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI over those conversations with Gisley.

In April, documents were released as part of a re-examination of the Flynn case, which the then Bureau’s counterintelligence director openly questioned, as the agency’s “goal” was to “get it.” [Flynn] to lie. “

The four-page document contained a page of handwritten notes believed to be composed by Bill Priestoff of the Bureau. Fox News reports that the notes were taken in January 2017 following a meeting with Comey and deputy director Andrew McCabe.

Priestop’s handwritten comments were taken at the beginning of an important interview with the newly-established National Security Adviser about Flynn’s contacts with Kislyak weeks ago.

Flynn’s lawyers have previously said they believe the documents support their case, citing the investigative scandal.

Earlier this month, the Justice Department moved to dismiss the case against the former National Security Adviser, arguing that the FBI’s interview was “not justified and justified in the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Mr. Flynn” and was “conducted without any formal investigation.” . “

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