June 18, 2024

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Trump trial: Game over

Trump trial: Game over

It is difficult to give any credibility to Donald Trump supporters. While Democrats presented a 16-hour tough, logical, and well-explained argument, Republicans insisted for 3 hours in detail or raised unbelievable constitutional theories.

More than 70% of Americans say they are eagerly following the Trump Senate hearing. But both parties agreed that the cameras would not show the senators’ seats. Because these seats are vacant. Why don’t senators carefully follow each party’s presentations? Because the game is over. Most senators do not change their mind unless they change their mind. And they will not do this in the coming days.

1. What are the arguments of the Republicans?

Fertility judges harshly on senators who refuse to grant Trump. The arguments that Trump acquitted were very weak. For example, Trump’s supporters will be reduced to minimizing date errors on images … which Democratic prosecutors chose not to show because they contain date errors. Defenders submitted that some video footage of the montage was shown twice. The purpose of the Trump supporters ‘presentations was to raise reasonable doubts about the specifics, in an attempt to undermine the Democrats’ argument as a whole. Also, add these Republicans, the trial is set up so quickly and it is impossible to examine everything in detail. But a miracle, in the face of such overwhelming and compelling evidence, is how some inaccurate details can oust Trump.

2. Is freedom of expression stronger than anything else?

Republicans are also trying to argue that Trump has complete freedom of speech. If this freedom of expression were absolute, there would be no crime of inciting rebellion. However, this crime is actually actually written in the constitution as well. Despite this freedom, Trump was sworn in to defend the Constitution and defend it against insurgency.

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3. What are the Democrats’ final arguments?

Democrats have argued that if Trump is not removed from office by the Senate, Trump may return or a new Trump may emerge. Republicans are right that Democrats want political victory. True, they do not want to redefine the Constitution to establish the dictator’s power over the wages of racist Americans or evangelicals.

4. Is this cause not the end?

Clearly, the great forces that define American society are called to confront each other more harshly in the years to come. Fundamentalist religious forces and racist forces, as opposed to multicultural and equilibrium forces.

5. Should we be pessimistic?

No need. In contrast, with the end of the epidemic, in a few months or years, the level of religiosity will drop. A certain social and political excitement must arise. And then, since coming to power, Joe Biden has shown great seriousness and surrounded himself with competent people. Finally, the Republicans are very divided and many are thinking of creating a new Republican party. Trump has a good chance of winning his case. But in the long run, the forces that support it are losing the war.

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