July 24, 2024

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Twitter’s director of content moderation has resigned

Twitter's director of content moderation has resigned

Ella Irwin confirmed Friday that she has resigned from her position as head of security and content regulation at Twitter, the second departure for the position since Elon Musk took over the social network in late October.

“One or two people noticed I left Twitter yesterday,” she wrote on her account Friday after 24 hours of rumors and media stories.

“I quit,” she continued. “It’s been an amazing experience and I’m so grateful to have worked with these incredibly passionate, creative and hard-working people”.

“I will continue to encourage you and I will continue to encourage Twitter,” she concluded without elaborating on the reasons for her departure.

Ella Irwin replaced Yoel Roth in November.

He resigned in defiance of Elon Musk’s methods of “defining the rules of Twitter with arbitrary decrees,” he explained in a later published editorial. The New York Times.

He also warned that the new chief executive had completely failed to “convince advertisers”, a major problem for Twitter’s business model.

The boss of Tesla and SpaceX has espoused an almost absolutist view of freedom of expression, to the detriment of human rights and minorities, the American left, and many associations in defense of brands.

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Since buying the social network for $44 billion, its value has plummeted and the platform has been transformed by the return of alt-right figures, along with controversial figures.

“What is a Woman?”, which focuses on gender issues and transgender people, with Matt Walsh, a commentator known for his transphobic comments that appeared on a conservative news site. On Thursday, Twitter became the scene of yet another controversy about the documentary. Daily Wire last year.

The outlet, which recently turned to Twitter for its podcasts, criticized the service for trying to remove the film in the name of content moderation policies that prohibit a person from using pronouns of their choosing. (say “he” instead of “she”, for example).

“It’s a mistake a lot of people make on Twitter,” explained Elon Musk, explaining that, in his view, not using a person’s proper pronouns is “rude,” but it “doesn’t break any laws.”

Users subscribed to The Daily Wire account will be able to view the image, but it will not be “recommended” by the algorithms, he said.

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