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Two minutes for a delicious chocolate mug cake, you will be delighted with this delicious recipe!


It is the most popular food in the world. Chocolate attracts women, children and men. Whether with cookies, cakes or hot drinks, the choice is clearly important. However, we offer you Very good recipe You will also have an easy variant for cupcakes and to make with your kids.

Mug cake recipe in just 2 minutes!

You probably know the cupcake that involves using a small cup as a mold, you just pour all the ingredients and you put everything in the microwave on high power for a few seconds. With chocolate with a flowing heart, you can live up to your expectations and satisfy that little hunger. Several criteria must be considered to ensure that caloric intake is not too high.

  • For a small cup of coffee suitable for an espresso or larger version, the number of ingredients is very small.
  • For a cup of espresso, you’ll need a square of chocolate or two if you’re a little greedy.
  • Half a teaspoon of sugar is enough and you need a tablespoon or two of flour.
  • Add a teaspoon of baking powder and the same amount of milk to keep it smooth.
  • For this chocolate cupcake recipe you need a whole egg.

You need to mix all the ingredients well so you don’t have lumps and you can even add some chocolate chips on top to add a little crunch. You put one minute in the microwave with a total power of 800 minutes and you control the dishes in seconds.

When serving, your chocolate cake is a must eat when hot and is accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which brings a little freshness. The two delicacies combine perfectly with all expectations. This is not the only dish you can find, others are even more delicious.

A cupcake is rejected in many versions

You can take the same recipe for a cup of espresso with sugar, flour, baking powder, milk and whole egg. On the other hand, instead of chocolate, you can finally have any orange flavor you want, light jam with lemon juice, red fruit, whole fruit, dark chocolate, milk or white … Mug cake is really very interesting because it is available to all tastes. You can also have vegetarian versions with black beans, banana, cocoa powder and almond puree. It also removes sugar and flour to have a very light cupcake.

This is not a reason to eat both, however, it is often difficult for the eater to fall back. If you do not want a soft heart, especially with chocolate, extending cooking is the best tip, but having this treat is great. If you do not have chocolate, find out that spread is a great alternative to this cupcake recipe.

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