July 23, 2024

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Two slaps to the apple in one week in Quebec

Two slaps to the apple in one week in Quebec

After all its trouble paying Quebecers the $6 million it owed it, Apple received a second slap in the face, delivered by the Financial Markets Authority (AMF).

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Related to the AppleCare+ investigation, at the conclusion of which, we learned Friday, the California giant must now pay a $175,000 administrative penalty to the state of Quebec.

The product is still offered in Quebec, but through an authorized insurer. AppleCare+ is not a guarantee, governed by the AMF, as risk cover is not limited to equipment defect or malfunction.

So it is a mandatory insurance company. That will happen soon, as Apple has begun the process in Quebec before signing the deal announced Friday.

“Apple has agreed to cooperate by demonstrating transparency and good faith,” Gendarme suggests.

The grant and agreement do not change anything for customers who have already terminated AppleCare+ contracts. They remain in effect until they expire.

Two shots in one week

The first slap in the face came earlier this week at the hands of a Montreal lawyer suing Apple over Apple Care.

Starting in 2015, Apple must pay $25 for every Quebecer who says yes to this guarantee. But the Ontario claims administrator is dragging his feet so much that he needs to be replaced immediately by a local company, demands Joey Zucran.

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His case against Apple dates back to 2023. He accused the tech giant of not informing Quebec customers of the existence of a legal guarantee in our laws.

Apple signed an agreement with a lawyer and a $6 million check for 76,000 people whose identifier was linked to an Apple Care contract signed between December 20, 2015 and January 26, 2023.

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