July 23, 2024

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Wells Fargo Bank employees fired for working

Wells Fargo Bank employees fired for working

American bank Wells Fargo fired several employees for allegedly pretending to work on a computer using their keyboard and mouse. BBC.

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British media confirm that at least six employees were fired and another decided to leave the company on his own after being scolded by his bosses.

The multinational said its staff members had been fired or resigned “following an investigation into allegations that they were simulating the use of a keyboard to create the appearance of active work”.

“Wells Fargo holds very high standards for its employees and does not tolerate unethical behavior,” a bank spokeswoman said.

In 2022, Wells Fargo adopted a hybrid teleworking approach, allowing its employees to sometimes work from home.

However, as gadgets and other tactics make it possible to pretend to work remotely, many companies have technological tools to monitor their employees, particularly by accessing browsing history, using screenshots, and monitoring activity and eye movement.

On the other hand, more workers are beginning to purchase, among other things, “mouse simulators” that make it possible to give the impression that a computer is being used, even if the employee is not in front of the screen.

Such gadgets sell for less than $10 on Amazon, which says it has sold thousands of them in the past month.

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