April 18, 2024

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USS Theodore Roosevelt’s sailors tested positive for coronavirus

USS Theodore Roosevelt's sailors tested positive for coronavirus

Corona virus again affects USS Theodore Roosevelt

US security officials say the number of sailors who have positively recovered from the virus – although it already appears to have recovered – has now risen to 13 Told Palitico.

That’s five times the number of positive sailors announced Friday.

Several team members who tested positive have come up with new symptoms, such as headaches and physical pain, an official said.

In late April, Roosevelt’s crew began to return to the stranded ship in Guam, after being detained or isolated in the area following the outbreak.

As of Thursday, 2,900 sailors were aboard. But diagnoses have slowed down the ship’s rebuilding process, as crews must test the negative before boarding.

Sailors who have tested positive have been sent back to the US Navy base in Guam for another round of isolation.

“This week, a small number of TR sailors who have previously tested Covite positivity and have met stringent rescue criteria have been positively reviewed,” Navy spokesman Cmdr. Myers Vasquez told Politico. “As a result of these protocols a small number of close contacts have been removed from the vessel, isolated and tested.

“The ship is on the road to recovery, and an important crew with the necessary expertise will be ready to return when the ship arrives,” Vasquez added.

It is not yet clear when Roosevelt will return to the sea, which Vasquez said would be a “conditional” decision.

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