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Uzbek & Rica – “Metavers” – Zuckerberg dreams of 100% Facebook world

Uzbek & Rica - “Metavers” - Zuckerberg dreams of 100% Facebook world

2045. While the world is in the grip of multiple crises (energy, weather, military, etc.), Oasis has emerged as a global virtual reality system, accessible through dedicated helmets, gloves and suits. Originally designed as a video game, it will eventually become a virtual community used by all of humanity as an outlet … the world of course described in the two sentences you just read Ready Player One. In this sci-fi novel by Ernest Klein 2011 and Seven years later Steven Spielberg adapted for the film, The oasis “metawars” prioritize other communities, making everyone’s actions conditional at the same time ” In line “And” In real life The difference between these two concepts is not very clear.

Fortnite peak

Will this “new reality” be in line with the future of humanity? Ever since the concept emerged in the 1990s (author Neil Stephenson was the first to imagine it in his novel Virtual Samurai, Released in 1992), some believe it to be as strong as iron. As we told you At the beginning of the year in this article, In the 2000s, the success of the virtual world Resurrection Has revived the idea of ​​a digital universe in parallel with us. The game’s hype has faded over the years, and in early 2010, the emergence of social networks completed the parasitization of much of the brutal digital imagery by humanity. Stories, Infinite Scroll, Voice Notes ాలలో In recent years, the future of tech has boiled over « Updates ».

In the early 2020s, some think the time has come to restart the fantasy machine. So from creator Tim Sweeney From the famous game FortnightIn early 2020, rapper Travis Scott was allowed Give a special concert It should no longer be called a full-fledged venue, “he said. Join our friends One meets them at a bar or on the street. Not to mention specifically about the imminent departure of Facebook Horizon, A virtual reality social network project led by the Mark Zuckerberg team, is still in the testing phase, but the company seems to be betting very strongly on it. At the end of July 2021 the main interested party certainly provided the confirmation As part of an interview given to The Edge by American Media : Status of ” Social network “Facebook CEO wants to move his business to his business” Metawares .

According to Mark Zuckerberg, such a project actually transcends the single problem of virtual reality. Speaking about the Facebook horizon, the billionaire said in an interview that his teams are working to make it empty. ” Stand-ups, concerts, high-end video games “, Or” Everyone has their own avatar and can be teleported instantly “This is different” Meeting places “Digital, With” Their own clothes and their own digital items . « The whole economy grows around it », He exclaimed eagerly ts.

New dedicated unit

Internally, it is responsible for the Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) branch, especially the Oculus Immersive Headsets, which are currently responsible for carrying out these projects. In a Facebook post published on Tuesday, July 27th, its leader Andrew Bosworth added even more Announced creation A new unit dedicated specifically to the “metavers” in the FRL. It comes together ” The teams responsible for implementing this ambitious task responsibly “, Under Vishal Shah, ex-” Production Director Au his de Instagram.

More generally, the CEO of Facebook is a version of his metawars. ” Heir to the Mobile Internet “, A kind” Instead of posting content on the Internet, where are you? [dans ce contenu] . « It feels like you are with other people just like you are in other places. [physiques] (2) Metawares is not just a virtual reality, it goes through all computer platforms: VR, AR, PC, mobile devices and game consoles అతను, he revealed to specialist journalist Casey Newton‌.

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