May 19, 2024

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Vaccine, barrier course? Share your testimonials

Vaccine, barrier course?  Share your testimonials

If the vaccination campaign has been in full swing for a few weeks, many seniors are struggling to get an appointment. How does this go for you or your loved ones? Share your testimonials

The first phase of the vaccine campaign in France is now in full swing after a slowdown at the beginning of the year. Mainly targeted at those over 75 years of age, living in nursing homes or those with high-risk pathology, as well as health professionals, these first vaccines are not without its drawbacks.

Most seniors find it very difficult to get an appointment for their first injection. The inability to access online registration platforms, the digital divide, the race for vaccines often looks like an obstacle course, especially the oldest, most vulnerable and the most isolated.

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Do you have trouble accessing the vaccine? Is your loved one in these situations? Provide your testimony using our form below. Most representative works are included in our digital and print editions.

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