May 19, 2024

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Vaccine passport in supermarkets: Renault-Bray asked to withdraw Quebec

Vaccine passport in supermarkets: Renault-Bray asked to withdraw Quebec

Like other major retailers, Renault-Bray management was frustrated with Quebec City’s decision to extend vaccine passport control requirements to bookstores covering 1,500 square meters, and asked the government to exclude the book sector from the move.

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In a press release, the company felt that the move was unfair and fined itself and the Kubesers. “The government has misjudged the implications of this policy. It’s suitable for small bookstores, whose trade offer is limited and limited, “said Blaise Renaud, president of the Reynolds-Bray Group.

Many branches of Renault-Bray cover an area of ​​more than 1500 square meters. However, as managed by the company, Renaud-Bray’s traffic statistics show that it can easily manage social distance in its bookstores.

“Our companies are responsible and they respect all health protocols from the beginning of the epidemic. “In general, Renaud-Bray is of the opinion that there is reason to wonder whether recent measures will have a real impact on health planning. And, if so, will the benefits outweigh the disadvantages arising from limited access to culture.

“We have no information about the duration of the measurement. Therefore it is impossible to predict the negative impact on the people and players in the book chain. Therefore we urge the government to stop this action in the book sector,” Blaise Reynolds said.

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