April 14, 2024

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Variety Editor-in-Chief Claudia Eller was put on leave after spitting out Twitter

Variety Editor-in-Chief Claudia Eller was put on leave after spitting out Twitter

Claudia Eller, Chief of Variety Editor, The author of a comment About a lack of diversity in staff, he was placed on two-month administrative leave after a hot Twitter spat at a rival’s store with a former Twitter account, according to reports.

South Asian-born journalist Pia Sinha-Roy slandered Eller’s pieces on Twitter, writing that she remembered a conversation she had with Eller and co-author Andrew Wallenstein many years ago about “the lack of diversity in your newsroom.” The LA Times reports.

Sinha-Roy said the voices of people of color were “constantly dismissed”. We’re not here to make you look good. We have come to work here ”- provokes everyone Slander “bitter” on Twitter.

The tweet offended employees at the Penske Media Corporation-owned Variety, which is controlled by Auto Scion Jay Penske, who called Eller’s comment “unacceptable.”

“He should have heard a fight against it and allowed others to hear and heal,” Penske said in a note to staff that business editor Cynthia Littleton would accept Eller’s role on an interim basis. For newspaper.

In a note he sent to his staff, Eller apologized for his comments and called them “insensitive and ignorant.”

“The last few months have been an incredibly stressful and challenging time for everyone. There was no reason for my Twitter exchange with Pia last night,” Eller wrote.

“I fully understand your anger and feel sorry for myself; There is no mistaking it. I feel ashamed and humiliated for my actions and the pain it caused both at home and abroad. I sent a direct message to Pia to apologize for my insensitive and ignorant comments, and I did what I wanted to do, ”he continued.

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“After a very difficult and emotional conversation with Jay this afternoon, I realize that my many years as a journalist have not prepared me for a leadership role in such a large and prosperous newsroom,” Eller wrote.

“When the time is right, each of you will give me a chance to rejoin this great organization and I truly hope that one day you will make yourself proud. Like I said, I have a lot of thought, work, and change to do.”

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