May 23, 2024

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Ventilation in schools | CSQ calls for more transparency

Ventilation in schools |  CSQ calls for more transparency

The Central des Un du du Quebec (CSQ) is sending a clear message to the regional government: it is calling for “safe return to class and safeguarding the health of students and staff” for more transparency regarding the amounts paid by Ottawa. .

Posted at 2:20 p.m.

Messa Fera

Messa Fera

Press It was revealed on Sunday that a small portion of the 432 million paid by the federal government to Quebec was intended for the maintenance of ventilation systems.

CSQ is also calling for a follow-up on the amounts spent over the past few months. “We have never been able to answer our questions,” the company lamented in a press release.

“Today we learned that the money was paid almost a year ago and the service centers did not send a report on how they spent the money they received. The government should be accountable to them. Does not understand! “, CSQ President Eric Zingross responded.

Government air quality strategy essentially depends on the purchase and installation of CO readers.2, Says CSQ. The Union believes that these readers are merely indicators and have not established a specific solution to improve air quality in schools.

The Legalt government advocated the transformation of school boards into school service centers, which would facilitate accountability and allow for better control over administrative matters, CSQ recalled. “While the network is currently experiencing a lot of uncertainty, tell me this morning that it’s too dangerous,” Mr Gingross said.

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