June 18, 2024

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“We gave them a match” – Claude Julian

"We gave them a match" - Claude Julian

Claude Julian has a very honest record of losing 5-3 to Aston Matthews, Mitchell Marner and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

“We made some bad decisions and the leaves took advantage. We gave them victory with our mistakes. There are very costly mental mistakes in this game.”

To explain this defeat against the best team in the North Division, Julian can look in the direction of a shorthand game (1 in 4) or blame the referees’ decision for a goal that Jesperi Kotkani missed at the end of the second period. But he chose the simplest and most realistic option. CH has made a lot of turnovers against a talented offensive team.

“It’s a big goal, we reduced the score to 4-3, the Hobbs head coach recalled. But for me it was more than that. There were a lot of psychological mistakes. We made a lot of mistakes with Puk. Punishment is also part of our mistakes. ”

Push the leg warm

In fact, Eric Furlot and Graham Schilter gave the goal to Kotkaneem, who returned from Joel Army to overtake Anderson. However, Sheldon Keefe overcame his obstacle challenge on goalkeeper. On Press Bridge, Kyle Dubas, Leaf’s young GM, quickly gave a signal that he had pushed his goalie pad into the series. Finally we agreed with the visitors.

“I saw the puck. She is still free, Kotkamini said. In my opinion, I think this is a good goal. I do not know the rules 100%. But since I’ve been playing hockey, I think it’s a goal. ”

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Julian brought a slightly different story to his youth center, though he slowed down the black series of eleven games without scoring by recording his first in the second period.

“What they saw was the stick pushing the pad more than the pud,” Julian said. We could see the puck under the pad. Kotkanemi put his stick there. I don’t know if the goaltender put his pad completely on the ice before he pushed the puck. This is the explanation the referees gave me. ”

“They looked like the (Joe) Thornton game against Ottawa this week,” he continued. You should not push the pad into the net. But from what I saw, Kotkani was trying to get a free puck under the pad. As you watch the game, the pack pad crosses the front line. I really thought it was a goal. ”

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