April 23, 2024

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WH counselor cdc lack of early coronavirus testing.

WH counselor cdc lack of early coronavirus testing.

A White House official in charge of coordinating the administration’s efforts to incorporate medical equipment into the fight against the coronavirus bombed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Sunday.

“This virus at the beginning of the space around the most trusted brand with the CDC, that the country tested the beat, because they bureaucracy test to keep only one of them, the worst was the test. It’s us, overshadowed,” the Defense Production Act coordinator Pete Raul Navarro said Sunday on NBC News. “Meet the press.”

In early February, the CDC sent test equipment to contaminated states during production at the agency’s laboratory in Atlanta – which led to erroneous results and delayed the process for weeks.

CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield testified in March that the initial test kit “didn’t work out the way we wanted it to.”

The company eventually released new test equipment.

Navarro, a White House business adviser, responded to a group of Democratic senators who urged President Trump to use the Defense Manufacturing Act to increase the supply of defense equipment and test equipment, calling them a “dead wrong.”

“These senators are looking in the rear-view mirror. We had the same discussion about the ventilators six weeks ago. They were saying the same thing. What we did with the ventilators is now getting to a situation where there are going to be over a million people by June.” Creating ventilators explained the partnership between General Motors and the government.

“We have more ventilators than the United States ever needs, and we can export those ventilators,” he said. “These Democratic senators often have to go out and see what the Trump administration is doing.”

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He also reiterated President Trump’s claims that the closure of businesses and the implementation of long-term stay-at-home activities could create dangerous conditions.

“So if you differentiate this complete lockdown that some people in the medical community want to run away from until the virus is extinguished, it’s not going to hurt the US economy. It’s going to kill many more people than the virus,” he said.

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