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What is the role of bacteria in aging?

What is the role of bacteria in aging?


  • The Drosophila fly shares many common genes with humans.
  • In this study, fruit flies lived an average of 57 days, compared to 63 for those who took antibiotics.
  • In different models, antibiotics suppress the relationship between certain genes and aging.

What causes Aging Our cells? For a long time, researchers believed that this phenomenon was associated with some Genoa. A study, published in iScience, Will challenge this. “These genes are thought to control the aging process in worms, mice, and humans., Explains Edward Ginger, one of the authors of this new research. We were shocked to learn that only 30% of them were directly involved in the aging process. “

Unexpected outcome

The researcher and his team accidentally made this observation: they are doing research on aging Drosophiles, Also known as fruit flies. They have previously found that the overactive immune system is weakened Neurons And causes age-related brain disorders. To test their hypothesis, they ruled Antibiotics To a group of newly born fruits. Scientists claim that there are no consequences for their development and survival.

The results showed the opposite: Flies Those who took antibiotics lived an average of six days longer than those who did not. “This is a big age difference for flies, Said co-author Arvind Kumar Shukla. In humans, this equates to twenty years of life.“Through extensive genetic analysis, they have observed that antibiotics alter the role of certain genes in aging.”At first we struggled to believe these results, He continues. Most of these genes are classic signs of aging.“Their study actually shows that their activity is linked to some existence Bacteria Than the aging process.

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Understand genes better to fight against aging

In another experiment, the researchers raised flies in a completely clean environment, so in total absence Bacteria, Without the use of antibiotics: the findings are the same. In fruit flies, this means that the body’s activity against bacteria is affected Aging. Researchers want to continue their work to identify the genes that are actually involved in this process. “If we want to fight aging, we need to know exactly which genes control the clock“, Dr. Giniger concluded.

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