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What is this secret mode discovered in Tesla?

What is this secret mode discovered in Tesla?

Hackers discover stealth mode on Tesla cars But what is its interest? Don’t worry, we will explain everything about it!

For years, Teslas have been the target of hackers. But rest assured, they have no intention of hacking your car for malicious purposes! On the contrary, if they try to attack the cars of Elon Musk’s brand, it is mainly to try to improve them in some cases, but to find things that are not revealed to the general public. . There have been many cases where hackers find mods and such Hidden features Elon Musk brand cars in software and are available to no one else. And now they have made a new discovery.

The world of Elon

As we know, the American brand’s cars have many features including semi-autonomous driving. There’s also 100% autonomous Level 3 driving, called FSD (Full Self-Driving), but it’s still in beta-testing in the United States. But it is necessary to monitor the road equally to avoid accidents. It goes by the name, unless hackers get their hands on a new hidden feature “Alone Mode”. But what is it really about? Fear not, we will explain everything to you!

A new function

Actually, this mode is very easy to understand. It’s actually aboutAn improved version of FSD, but it becomes more independent. Obviously, this means you don’t have to keep your eyes on the road to monitor everything that’s going on. To discover this functionality, the American hacker studied all the codes of his Tesla for several years. He discovered other functions a little earlier before revealing them to the general public.

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