April 23, 2024

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It’s Costco’s turn to discourage the sharing of membership cards

It's Costco's turn to discourage the sharing of membership cards

No more account sharing After Netflix, it’s Costco’s turn to prevent the sharing of membership cards at self-service checkout.

Now it’s impossible for non-members to shop at Costco. According to Business Insider, at the self-service checkout, store customers will be required to show a photo ID to confirm payment for the month for a Costco subscription.

Although this action is not authorized, the Costco company has noticed that many people are sharing the Costco card among themselves at the time of payment.

It is an increasingly popular activity. However, the company believes that a person who does not pay for a subscription should not have the same benefits as a person who does.

“We don’t think it’s fair that non-Costco members get the same benefits and prices as our members,” the company told Insider.

Costco’s Privilege Membership Card costs $60 for two people of the same address. It’s $120 for an Executive Privilege membership card.

A Business subscription lets you add members for $60 each.

Asking for proof of membership at checkouts can also reduce the risk of shoplifting, Costco added.

In Michigan, Costco has already begun asking for proof of identification when paying at self-service checkout.

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