April 23, 2024

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Who is Linda Yacarino, the future boss of Twitter?

Who is Linda Yacarino, the future boss of Twitter?

Linda Yacarino, who was named Twitter’s future boss on Friday, is a respected figure in the media world and a strong advertising personality, considered by some to be a visionary.

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To join Bluebird Social Network, she left NBC Universal, where she spent just twelve years and was in charge of advertising.

Coming from a family of Italian origin, she spent her entire career in television, with a first stop of twenty years at the Time Warner Group, which became Warner Bros. Discovery.

“I fell in love with content at a very young age,” she explained in a 2021 episode of the “Great Minds” podcast. “I really thought I was going to do a television production. (…) I wanted to create something new Sesame StreetA very popular children’s television show in the United States.

A student at Penn State University (Pennsylvania), she discovered the audiovisual economy and became passionate about the monetization of content, an interest that shaped her professional career.

At NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of cable operator Comcast, she overhauled an advertising strategy to support video’s shift from traditional television to streaming.

Linda Yaccarino and Terry Crews.


Linda Yaccarino and Terry Crews.

Linda Yacarino essentially integrated all of the group’s channels and channels into a single platform to simplify and rationalize advertisers’ advertising spend.

It also focuses on audience measurement and advertising effectiveness to enable brands to more effectively assess the effectiveness of their campaigns.

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This senior executive comes to Twitter with a wealth of experience combining an advertiser focus with a media and broadcaster focus.

“high cost”

A few weeks ago, she didn’t hesitate to give Elon Musk some advice when she interviewed him in front of an audience of advertisers as part of the “Possible” marketing conference in Miami in mid-April.

Advertisers “should feel like they have an opportunity to influence what you’re building,” she told Billionaire.

She suggested “making Twitter a place where they’re excited to spend more money (on ads),” emphasizing “product development, security and control of content,” which have worried advertisers since the takeover. By Elon Musk.

During the interview in Miami, his strong personality, his sharp interventions and his vision visually captivated Tesla’s boss.

Linda Yacarino brings to Elon Musk her extensive networks, in advertising and media but beyond. She actually participates in the World Economic Forum in Davos and, for a time, was part of the President’s Council on Sport, Exercise and Nutrition attached to the White House.

Organizational affiliations that are unpalatable to all of the billionaire’s fans, he does not hide his contempt for the press and certain officials.

Conservative site Outkick has announced its pro-vaccine positions and favors health restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Twitter, Linda Yacarino showcases her passion for fashion and sports, especially horse racing. His posts are mostly about events related to his work, with a few exceptions.

“If we leave our history, how will our children learn from it? How can we teach them to be curious and to discuss productively? How can we raise them to become critical and innovative minds?” she said recently in response to a news story about the poor performance of American middle school students on a national test on United States history.

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