July 23, 2024

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With Vinted, Generation Z has business sense

With Vinted, Generation Z has business sense



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E-commerce: With Vinted, Generation Z has a business sense

E-commerce: With Vinted, Generation Z has business sense – (France 2)

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France 2 – C. Rigade, C. Barbaux, E. Truchat, D. Sebastian, M. Zaplicki, V. Krurd, A. Delcourt, N. Baker, J. Cohen-Olivieri.

France Televisions

Second-hand sales platforms like Vinted have turned to support a generation of students and young workers who sell clothes and accessories by speculating on prices. What do we think of this new generation of self-starters?

How to earn pocket money today? Traditional odd jobs still exist, with parents paying an average of 36 euros a month. But the winning formula for Generation Z is buying and reselling clothes online. Charlie Merle, 19, has 70 pairs of sneakers in his closet, which he buys and resells. “For example, this is a pair I can get for 90 euros. I’m going to resell it for around 150, 160”He \ he said.

Real business

A law student spends up to two hours a day on the Vinted resale platform and earns several hundred euros a month. The site is the only source of income for 22% of young people, bringing them an average of 25 euros per month.

Others do real business, like Paul Gartner, age 24, four years on the platform. He has about 500 second-hand pieces in his closet. It also buys in bulk from suppliers. “It teaches them how to negotiate, how to manage money, how to earn money.”IESEG professor and business speaker Elodie Gentina explains.

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