July 23, 2024

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Your swimming pool tax, Madame Plante, we can do without it!

Your swimming pool tax, Madame Plante, we can do without it!

Residents of Montreal and soon-to-be suburbs are in turmoil after Mayor Valérie Plante announced a possible third tax on swimming pools.

With citizens already lamenting the high tax burden in North America, the proposal has raised serious concerns about its impact on pool owners.

It is indisputable that when citizens buy a swimming pool they are already bearing a significant tax burden. On purchase, they pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) as well as Quebec Sales Tax (QST), which represents a significant amount. However, the mayor is now considering adding a third tax, which has sparked outrage among many citizens.

Waterfall effect

Another aspect of the proposal that worries residents is the cascading effect on property taxes. Installing a swimming pool will definitely increase the value of the property. This means that pool owners should expect their property taxes to increase in proportion to the increase in their property value. For already tax-burdened residents, this prospect is not encouraging.

It would be unfair to continue to overtax North America’s already heavily taxed citizens. Many residents share this feeling of frustration and believe the mayor should focus on better operating costs.

Tax fairness

The proposal also raises questions about tax fairness. Residents wonder why pool owners are being specifically targeted for this new tax when other sources of revenue could be explored. Some suggest the mayor should work with the community to find more balanced solutions.

While Valerie Plante says the proposal is essential to meeting the city’s financial needs, many citizens think she should reconsider her position.

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Ultimately, the introduction of a third tax on swimming pools added to the cascading effect of property taxes and a second cascade on transfer tax would spark considerable controversy in the community. Residents are eager to see how the mayor will address the issue and whether she will consider the legitimate concerns of citizens who are already heavily taxed.

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