May 19, 2024

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Zidane on Mendy goal: “It’s not Ferland to shoot” – Champions League

Zinédine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane and Ferland Mendy reflect on Real Madrid’s victory in Atlanta this Wednesday in the 16th first leg round of the Champions League.

Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid coach, 1-0 Atlanta winner) : ((On Mendy’s target) Yes, it was wanted action, but Ferland had to shoot not (laughs). But in the end Ferland scored from the right, so it was very good. This is the right foot, he has had it for a long time. He hits harder on the right side than on the left. His left foot is more precise, his right more powerful. It’s like that too. We did not have a great match (in the match). We could not find the fields, we tried but we did not succeed. But it was a good result, we scored a long goal, we did not accept anything … After that, the return match will always be, so these 16 rounds are open. We have to make a great return match to pass. With the removal, the plan became clear. Isco, he wanted to play. We knew they were playing behind the three, so all we wanted was to put Isco between the lines and hear Vinicius and Marco (Asencio) search for depth with speed. But after the expulsion it was a completely different game. ”(At a press conference)

Ferland Mendy (Real Madrid scorer) : “At that point (goal), I was so happy, I didn’t even know what to celebrate since it was my first goal in the Champions League! However, the main thing is that we won the match and I scored. It is true that we sometimes have no ideas because they play well on the lower block, it is difficult to find breaks or deep passes. At eleven against eleven, I had no idea they were playing the same way. There is a community here (at Real), where I feel so good, I get along with everyone. “(At the microphone RMC Sport)

“I will not say anything because UEFA is going to suspend me”

“I will not say anything because UEFA is going to suspend me”

Gian Piero Gasparini (Atlanta coach) : “It is bitter not to be able to play the expected match. Thus it fell into disarray. We had to defend, we did well, it was a goal shame at the end of the match. A good result would have come if 0-0 had definitely looked at the way the game went. But the match was clearly spoiled by the high episode (…) Offside, there was not much discussion. On hand defects, we found a framework. Contacts remain … For me, this is a gesture that cannot be removed from football. There is a temptation to withdraw all kinds of contacts and it is suicidal for football. I will not say anything because UEFA is going to suspend me, but it is suicidal for football. We cannot have referees who do not distinguish error from contact. If they do not understand, if they do another job, you do not need to be an engineer at NASA to understand it … Qualify? It is enough to win in Madrid, it is necessary to win … We are in the best position possible because there is only one result, we must win. “(At Sky Italia’s microphone)

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