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EA Content, Fall Guys and PC Games will be available in February 2021

EA Content, Fall Guys and PC Games will be available in February 2021

Like every month, Amazon unveils a unique list of gaming content that it offers to its priming subscribers regardless of their gaming platform. In February, Electronic Arts especially enjoys downloading with free packs of FIFA 21, Madden 21 or Apex Legends.

And a new volley of games for all players! Whether you have a PC, Xbox One / Series, PS4 or PS5, Nintendo Switch or Android / iOS smartphone, Amazon offers exclusive content each month. The only condition: subscribe to the Amazon Prime offer to get everything Dedicated Amazon Prime gaming site.

FIFA, Madden and Fall Guys on the menu

Although like games, often, some content is available for a limited time Apex Legends, Fall Guys, Valent, League of Rannettera Or GTA Online Provide different content often or every month. Electronic Arts is the main partner in the topic of discussion this month, with no less than five games offering content to Prime subscribers, in addition to regular games.

Ad-free mobile games such as the already available Aquapark Oyo or Cube Surfer are also available. As the days go by others will come. With February comes the new batch of PC games that can be downloaded for free through the Amazon interface.

Games with content provided in February 2021

Already available:

  • Apex Legends, Drop 1
  • As darkness grows, Drop 1
  • Fall Guys, Drop 2
  • FIFA 21, Drop 1
  • Grand Theft Auto Online
  • Helix jump, Drop 2
  • SMITE, Drop 5
  • Star Wars: Squadrons
  • Paladins, Drop 5
  • Red Dead Online
  • UFC 4, Drop 1
  • Valorant, Drop 2

To get to the top:

February 2 : Black Desert Mobile, Drop 8

February 3: Battle of the Finals Final Fantasy Brave Xvius, Drop 6

February 4: League of Legends, Drop 4

February 4: Helix jump, Drop 3

February 5: Madden NFL21, Drop 6

February 5: Legends of Rantera, Drop 2

February 9: Maple Story M, Drop 1

February 11: As darkness grows, Drop 2

February 12: Roblocks, Drop 7

February 15: League of Legends, Drop 5

February 17: Battle of the Finals Final Fantasy Brave Xvius, Drop 7

February 23 Content Maple Story M, Drop 2

February 25 Content League of Legends, Drop 6

February 25 Content As darkness grows, Drop 3

Mobile games are provided

Already available

  • Aquapark.yo, Drop 1
  • Cube Surfer, Drop 2

To get to the top:

February 4: Hol.yo, Drop 1

February 8: Aquapark.yo, Drop 2

February 14: Aquapark.yo, Drop 3

February 17: Cube Surfer, Drop 3

PC games offer

The following games will be available for free download on PC from February 1:

  • Table courtesy
  • Stealth Bastard Deluxe
  • Pinch
  • Monster Prom: Hot Seat Edition
  • Swim!

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