July 6, 2022

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Coronavirus: condition in L-D-France, self-tests, Breton variant …

Coronavirus: condition in L-D-France, self-tests, Breton variant ...

For Gene Costex, although France has stopped distributing the estrogenica vaccine, the time is fast approaching for action in the L-D-France region where the incidence rate is still critical. “We are in a critical and critical situation,” the prime minister said on Tuesday, citing growing threats from variants, including the new Breton. Here is the Kovid point …

In addition to vaccines and PCR tests, the self-tested nasal cleanser approved for sale by Hot Autorite de Sante (HAS) will be available in France starting this week, Jerome said. Director of Health Salomon. People who are at least 15 years old and have no symptoms can use them.

In the world, these are 117,160,237 cases were confirmed From December 2019, of these 23 255 514 For counted European Union countries. 2 598 892 Deaths have been recorded, among them 562 440 For the EU.

In the last 24 hours, health officials have registered 29,975 new cases of Kovid-19 And 320 deaths In France, according to the latest information provided by Agencies Sante Public France. Also, 435 new people were added to the intensive care, Increasing the total number of patients in intensive care in hospitals from November 2020 4 239.

The total toll is now rising 4,108,108 confirmed cases and 91,196 deaths (including 65,791 in hospital) From the beginning of the health crisis.

Test positivity rate increased slightly compared to last year: 7.5% (compared to 7.4%). As of March 15, 5,295,735 At least one dose of the vaccine has been received nationwide.

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10,034 new hospitals and 2,272 intensive care admissions Counted in the last seven days.

In the PACA area

In the PACA region, 1,471 people were hospitalized (+3), 507 were in intensive care (-5) and (+36) 6,262 people have died in hospital since the crisis began.

In the Alps-Maritimes, 377 people were hospitalized (+11), 122 in intensive care (-6), and 1,212 died in hospital since the outbreak (+15) began.

As of March 13, 414,608 people in the PACA area had at least the first dose of vaccine against coronavirus. 183,814 received two doses. In total, more than 37% of the 75-year-old population in the region received the vaccine dose. More than 19% received two doses. More than 20,000 doses of the vaccine were given this weekend as a significant number of actors and volunteers were mobilized to be vaccinated as part of the fight against the pandemic.