March 30, 2023

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Stall: “He’s very happy with this deal.”

Stall: "He's very happy with this deal."

Forward Eric Stall 2020-2021 does not have a rock-solid season. But who in Buffalo can say the opposite? Therefore, he is likely to welcome with open arms the deal he sent to the Montreal Canadians on Friday.

With 10 points, including three goals in 32 games, Stall suffered a significant drop in offensive production after the 65, 76, 52 and 47 point seasons with the Minnesota Wild. However, Stahl is very happy to have left Buffalo.

“I can not speak for Eric, because every situation is different for every player,” former NHL player Alex Tango, now with the Minnesota Wild, explained Friday during the show. JIC In TVA Sports. You don’t know his mental state, his family situation, there are a lot of things that affect your game on the ice.

«[…] After the first 10 games of the season, he knew he could probably not make the playoffs. It is very difficult to motivate yourself to go to the arena. For him, it’s breathtaking fresh air, it’s new, it’s so beautiful, he can introduce himself, spend this confinement, maybe seven days, in Montreal and help the Canadians enter and perform in the playoffs. For a player of a certain age, you need an adrenaline rush, you need that opportunity to be in the playoffs. He will definitely be very happy with this transaction. ”

Stahl has scored 439 goals so far in his NHL career, so he is sure to have a chance to shine a red light on some occasions with CH. But he can bring it to the hobs.

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“Eric Stall still has a well-rounded track record,” Tango said. He is a man who has won the Stanley Cup and is very experienced. In the case of Canadians, yes, we are looking for people with experience, but also those who have something to prove. Because if he wants to continue his career, with the trade he made last year and the start of the season at Buffalo, I’m sure it will excite him and he will. Glad to be in this situation.

«[…] The primary characteristics of Eric Stall are his greatness and his physical strength. Now, at 36, your physical abilities begin to decline. But this size out there, the ability to play physically, to be big and responsible, to be strong on the puck, these are not things to be taught. Even if he slows down a bit, he can still do it. At this age, your body responds differently to different injuries, (but) I think it’s still good hockey. I saw him play less this year, but last year he was playing better minutes for the Wild. ”

Watch the interview in the video above.