May 27, 2023

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Mario Roy says he is ready to “bury the hotchet.”

Mario Roy says he is ready to "bury the hotchet."

Anti-mask leader Mario Roy, who is serving a week in prison at the Montreal Detention Center, has finally hired a lawyer and said he is ready to “bury the hotbed” with the bar. However, the judiciary is not ready to send him out without a psychological evaluation.

Tristan PeloquinTristan Peloquin

Mr Roy was due to face a contempt of court three times on Wednesday for failing to comply with a Supreme Court order barring him from practicing law. He appeared on the same day to set a date for his jury trial in two criminal harassment and intimidation cases against Barre du Quebec, a lawyer who conducted an investigation file targeting Mr Roy for illegally practicing the legal profession.

On Wednesday morning, against all odds, Mario Roy announced that he would be represented by his lawyer Mr.E Clemente Monteroso. “My client seems to have disposed well of burying the hotchet and he is willing to cooperate to honor the orders,” Judge Elian Perrault declared the previous morning.

“Mr. Roy is in charge of an orchard and if he is taken into custody he could suffer significant financial losses,” he said. Mr Roy said he intended to appeal the sentencing sentence until the end of the trial of his harassment and threats.

After discussions with attorneys from Bar and Crown, Mr.E Monteroso asked Judge Andre Vincent early this afternoon to unify all the charges facing Mr Roy into a single prosecution.

“Good Week of Reflection”

“Imprisonment is very detrimental to Mr. Roy. He wants to end this saga,” he said.

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“I thought it was a good week. I can not save everyone before they save me, “said Roy, in a videoconference from the Montreal Detention Facility (Bordeaux Prison).

I’m working on a cider house project, and it’s my dream to be working since 2011. I need to put in motion what is needed to end my saga with Barrow du Quebec.

Mario Roy

Barr’s attorneys and the Crown Prosecutor did not rule out the possibility of negotiating an agreement to resolve the case, but did not intend to allow Mr Roy to remain on trial without him. Minimum conditions are imposed.

“We want to see concrete action,” Barr’s lawyer warned.

A conditional psychological assessment

Crown prosecutor Sylvie Lemieux said Mr Roy’s psychological assessment, guilt and pre-sentence report were the minimum conditions for his release. “When we have all these things, we can guess which sentence is appropriate for Mr. Roy,” she explained.

Mr Roy is unlikely to be released for several weeks. The next court date is set for May 26.

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