February 23, 2024

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“We have it, our Prince” Quebec Journal

"We have it, our Prince"  Quebec Journal

Nicole Dupuis was unable to sleep one night from Wednesday to Thursday, after learning of the death of the man who was her great idol before becoming a family friend, singer Michelle Louvain.

Like thousands of admirers of the late lovely singer, this lady in blue from Quebec could not believe her departure.

“A friend called me on Wednesday evening to tell me that Michelle was gone,” she said in a still trembling voice. I didn’t talk to him much longer, I couldn’t say a single word anymore. I can not explain to you what it did to me. “

With her husband, Alain Beauprey, m.To me DuPont received Mr Louvain three times at his apartment in the Vanier district, which in recent years has transformed the star’s reputation into a museum, and she has spoken to him regularly on the phone, especially during the holidays.

“This year, he called on December 22, and this is the first time we ‘ve talked for so long. He asked me everyone’s news.”


For Nicole Dupuis, Michelle Louine is irreplaceable. “In the documentary Ladies Blue [un film sur ses admiratrices, dont elle était un des personnages principaux], I said I would rather die than watch M. Louine depart, ”she said, linked to the death of Prince Philip last week.

“Our Prince in Quebec, I’m telling you we have it, it’s M. Louvain. I always said he was a prince. He had such a handsome personality.”

As a documentary director Ladies Blue, Claude Demers is at the forefront of measuring the intimate relationships that are woven between the singer and his fans.

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“Of course, there are those in his spelling, but he also has a genius audience, which he has not won before. How did he reach this audience? I do not know. There is something in his humanity and everyone knows his songs.”

The documentary maker recalled an extraordinary evening at the film’s premiere at the Festival du Nouveau cinema in 2009. The Louvain legend lasted for generations. ”

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