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“They’re going to be treated”

"They're going to be treated"

Within a year, Johanne Grenier had lost her father, her stepmother, and later her mother, who had been infected with coronavirus while receiving care in health care facilities.

Gabrielle DuchainGabrielle Duchain

“They’re going to be treated. Instead, they’re dead,” the woman said angrily.

“It simply came to our notice then. This is scary. These are the words that compile the epidemic of OmTo me Grenier.

She saw flaws in the health care system under a microscope. When COVID-19 spread to CHSLDs, especially due to staff movements, she died early in the first wave. Then both her mother-in-law and mother fell ill because they were unlucky to be hospitalized.

Photo by Olivier Jean, Press

Johanne Grenier

I do not believe it now.

Johanne Grenier

Admitted to hospital for cancer

Her mother, Thoreau Francoir, 91, died a month ago at St Mary’s Hospital in Montreal, breaking a full jar.

OmTo me Francore was diagnosed with bowel cancer. 1 in the morningIs In April, shortly after her birthday, she began to bleed alone in her apartment. Her daughter went home. “I came when she got into the ambulance. ”

Provided by photo

Teresa Franker

Two days later in the emergency room, the old one was added to the fifth floor. Johanne Grenier was alarmed when an employee told her that a patient in the same unit had tested positive for COVID-19 the previous week, but she was quickly reassured. The patient, was sent to another floor. However, CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal confirmed this week Tap The fifth floor was spread out in early April, when Tharose was admitted to Francoir Hospital. Seven patients and three employees were affected. Two deaths occurred.

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“The reason [de l’éclosion] Not yet known. As soon as an outbreak is suspected, infection control measures will be improved and appropriate policies will be put in place, “said Annie Charbonnau, a spokeswoman for the family.

At the time, Johanne Grenier knew nothing about the situation. Her mother was horrified by the progression of the cancer. The prognosis is dire. HoweverTo me Francore has no more time, the doctor will not allow her to palliative care because she will probably live more than three months.

OmTo me So Grenier began looking for a place to live. “I wanted something close to home to see her every day. I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible before she left. This scenario has not materialized.

The phone rang on April 13th. “I have bad news,” the doctor said over the phone. Theres Franంకois catches COVID-19. The heart of OmTo me Grenier stopped.

Patients with COVID-19 were transferred to a non-gestational floor. On April 22, another punch call: “The doctor thinks it would be nice if you came to see your mother right away,” said one nurse. Translation: MTo me Franker is spending his last hours.

Her daughter, who suffers from a disease that attacks her immune system, is unable to go. Through the video she saw her mother die.

It’s really hard not to be there. This is the worst. Yes, her age, yes, she is sick. We knew she was leaving soon. But that way. She was alone.

Johanne Grenier

One year, three died

Especially since a year ago, almost a day ago, Johanne Grenier lost her father in similar circumstances. Like 5,000 Quebec seniors, Pierre Gagnon, 93, a scrap metal dealer, died with COVID-19 at CHSLD.

Provided by photo

Pierre Gagnon

The terrible diagnosis was dropped on April 20, 2020. Eight days later, the old man breathed his last. Here again, his daughter was actually only able to say goodbye to him. The shock was severe. A few weeks ago, a nonsense man made his roommates his harmonica and accordion sound at CHSLD Oclair in Montreal dance.

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Then, in September, another piece of bad news. Margorite Picard, 92, stepmother of Johanne Grenier, was rushed to St-Jerome Hospital. Diagnosis: Urinary tract infection and pneumonia. No COVID-19.

A few weeks after being admitted to the hospital, Mr.To me Picard has recovered and is ready to return to his dormitory at the North Crown Seniors residence. “That’s where the hell started,” her son-in-law said.

Provided by photo

Marguerite Picard

According to the policy set up in Quebec for the epidemic, the lady had to spend 14 days in the buffer zone before returning to her home. According to the family, the hospital took weeks to handle his transfer to the place.

It keeps changing. They told us that they would be sent to such and such a place, and then to another place. And it never moved.

Johanne Grenier

As a result, Margorite Picard was hospitalized for more than five weeks in Saint-Jerome.

At the time, her relatives were worried that she would change rooms and floors too many times. What they did not know was that the establishment was in the grip of a large outbreak that affected seven units. “There have been a number of moves by consumers in this case to protect people who do not show symptoms,” explained Dominic Gautier, a spokesman for CISSS de Lanadier. There was also a huge screening.

On October 21, still in the hospital, M.To me Picard gave a negative result. On the 31st she had a fever. Another test came back positive. She was transferred to the red buffer zone at Drop Deschambault CHSLD in Saint-Theros on November 3, when it was time to recover from the virus. She died there on the 9th.

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“Despite significant and sustained efforts to prevent the virus from spreading within our walls, this is not always possible,” said Dominic Gautier. Additional preventive, surveillance and massive disinfection measures were taken to eradicate the presence of the virus from these units as soon as possible. The facility was unable to determine the source of the pollution. As of November 13, 67 customers and 23 staff had been infected.

“If my mother-in-law had been released from the hospital as soon as she recovered instead of staying there for weeks, she would not have caught her”, MTo me Attic. Due to her fragile health, she or her husband was unable to visit the dying woman. “It was so hard for my husband,” the woman hesitated.

The accumulation of these misfortunes causes deep scars in its background. “It was different for my father. This is the beginning, we do not know it. It’s hard, but I don’t blame them. But for my mother, I was angry. The same thing happens to my mother-in-law. ”


According to the statistics obtained Tap In January 2021, 15% of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 received a positive test more than seven days after hospitalization. The National Institute of Excellence in Health and Social Services estimates that people with COVID-19 have been hospitalized with the disease.


According to Radio-Canada figures released this week, 473 patients died of COVID-19 in hospitals in Quebec between August 2020 and February 2021.

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