December 5, 2023

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Third Wave | Manitoba Premier cries for help

Third Wave |  Manitoba Premier cries for help

(Winnipeg) Manitoba calls on the federal government to send dozens of backup health workers in support of the fight against COVID-19.

Steve Lambert and Kelly Geraldine Malone
The Canadian Press

The province says it needs about 50 intensive care nurses, 20 respiratory therapists and 50 statistics Canada researchers to conduct contact tracing, Premier Brian Polyester met with his federal counterpart Justin Trudeau on Friday.

“It will hopefully be temporary and short-lived, but soon you will get good help,” Polyester commented.

Manitoba is currently plagued by its third wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, which has been linked to record new cases and inpatients in intensive care.

The province recorded 595 new cases and three deaths on Friday.

Five patients hospitalized in intensive care had to be transferred to Ontario to be released from bed this week.

“All of our resources are limited to the limit,” noted Head Nurse Lanette Siragusa. Mr said care reinforcements would be deployed to three Winnipeg hospitals with intensive care units.To me Syracuse.

Brian Polyester said his government has been in talks with Ottawa for a week about the possibility of providing backups for provincial health workers. Justin Trudeau assured him of his support.

Referring to the assistance already provided to Quebec, Ontario and the United States, Mr. Polyester recalled, “I have already thanked him and we are not asking for anything that others have not already asked.” The health crisis began.

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The Prime Minister’s Office of Canada has confirmed that it has accepted Manitoba’s request and is committed to providing reinforcements.

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