December 4, 2022

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Misfits Gaming Super Week closes undefeated

Misfits Gaming Super Week closes undefeated

Misfits Gaming won tonight with art and style against Team Vitality, ending the first Super Week of this LEC Summer Split with three wins in three games.

Misfits are in place this summer split

The European side holidays are over, with the first week of the regular season, the LEC competition returns to the League of Legends front on Friday night. The 10 teams vying for the European Champion title of Summer Split Season 2021 have returned to the competition and the Summoners Rift after an unusually turbulent transfer window this season. In the case of the Spring Split, the Summer Split begins with a Wuper‌week, which serves as a typical “observation round” of three-day competitions, although some observations have already been made at the beginning of this section. The level and form of the game that Misfits Gaming exhibits during these first three days is first and foremost.

Vetio and his teammates closed this Super Week with 3 wins in 3 games, winning over Fanatic, SK Gaming and Team Vitality in a row. There is no doubt that the Misfits are playing well at the start of the Summer Split, and although the level of play is not perfect, it is undoubtedly effective and it touches the mark. Whether in decision making, team fighting or the ability to exploit opponents ’mistakes, rabbits are now putting themselves as a candidate for qualifying for the playoffs. The French midfielder closed the game with KDA today 7/0/6 and won the “Player of the Game” title. Next week, they will face two rising teams at the start of the segment, the Astralis and the Rogue.

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