June 28, 2022

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September 9 to 12 | Clay Pellangag, Blee Jeans Blee and Sarami on the Francos menu

Francois in September with free performances

Francois takes place September 9-12. Two large open-air venues will be set up at the Place des Festivals and Symphonic Parter. And the Clay Pellangag, Blee Jeans Blee and Sarami shows are free!

Emily Cote

Emily Cote

People can see Coryas and Foucault. The two rappers will give their first live performance after the release of their album Emerging intellectuals. “It’s a specialty for Francois. It’s candy,” said programmer Gabriel Remillard.

Sarami will release new songs from her album on stage on September 3. The Jérôme 50 will also be on stage, as will the rapper Calamine. During the epidemic, especially in the finals of the Francovertes competition, the latter’s talent was revealed, so people were thirsty to see her on stage.

Clay Pellag is also part of the first wave of artists announced by Spectra on Tuesday.

The Klôplగ్g show is not always minimalist. It has some surprises for us, but it is definitely very popular.

Gabriel Remillard, Francos programmer

Another highlight: Carte Blanche to share the stage with secret guests under the Blue Jeans Blue sign Party.

Pop attracts attention with Amay Leoni, but people can find Nikamu Mamiyuthunnu, an intercultural project that combines combinations of eight local and non-local artists, Mathieu, Karen Pinet-Fontaine, Scott Peon-Picard. Evan Bovin, Marcy, Cadric Saint-Onge, Chloe Lacasse and Jolle Saint-Pierre. It was an initiative, whose original mentor was Florent Valent.

100% free programming

The rest of the lineup will be unveiled on August 24th. All shows are free. “We also have a social goal and this year it is even more true, Gabriel Remillard argues. It is a gift to the people and it is very symbolic for us.”

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For the Francois team, it was a great relief and immense pleasure to perform in front of an audience at the Place des Festivals. Last year, programming was essentially virtual, unlike the Mary-My Show series on MTelus.

“I think a lot about our technical team. She’s been working on different scenarios for a few weeks,” Gabriel Remillard stressed.

Will the public be there? The programmer was not too worried.

It can be electric. I would say hilarious too.

Gabriel Remillard

Typically, spectra programmers work on a show schedule almost a year in advance. If they decide on 32 datesE The show a few weeks earlier this year, it’s not a puzzle. “It was a challenge, but the artists wanted to play in a way that had no resistance,” Gabriel Remillard explained.

Performing not thirty but hundreds. “It’s a small expansion version, but in terms of diversity and equality and big and small names it’s important to be confident in what we usually offer.

Sanitary measures to plan

The full program and schedule will be unveiled on August 24. It is possible to watch shows online, but only live. Also on August 24, the Francos team will announce the sanitary guidelines to be followed.

From 1Is In August, “public events welcoming spectators standing or seated without fixed seats” could enter up to 15,000 people, but Quebec did not have this capable site (at least circled), as it had to be a distance of between one meter for people of different residences. The site must be divided into sections.

Of course, health measures can change at any time.

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