May 23, 2022

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Producing too much gas can be a symptom

Producing too much gas can be a symptom

Our intestines seem to be closely connected to our brain. When faced with a health crisis, the actions to be taken, epidemiological uncertainty … Stress increases. Here are some signs that may alert you to see a mental health professional. Be careful though, these signs are not always what you think.

In fact, according to a study by scientists Research Institute of the Foundation of Rome, North Carolina, United States, high in burp and fart Can be a sign of frustration. This study, Broadcast by American Media, Focusing on many thousands of Americans, Mexicans and British by focusing on their daily gastric symptoms: flatulence, abdominal pain, bloating, bad breath …

People who report the most symptoms, including gas and burping, have been found, Demonstrates low performance Questionnaires related to issues such as quality of life and stress andDepression.

Anxiety, stress and depression Have an effect on the digestive system. Read this article, Look for other signs that indicate depression.

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