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Why is pregnancy nine months?

Why is pregnancy nine months?

In Ugo Pasco
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6:16 pm, November 24, 2021

Bernard Sublonier, a professor of molecular biology at the Faculty of Medicine in Lille, is a guest on “Beenfight Por Vous”, explaining why pregnancy is unique to women, especially nine months. “Nature is fine” to this doctor.


It is a complex mechanism that allows the survival of the human race: pregnancy. But why does it last for nine months? This is one of the questions answered in Well done for you In Europe 1, Bernard Sablonier, Lille and Professor of Molecular Biology at the Faculty of Medicine of Neurobiologists. For the person who is also the author of the book Secrets of the human body: The small and big secrets of our organs, The miracle of life is no longer a mystery.

“Power question”

“Every woman who has a baby knows that in the end it’s difficult, first the baby is the size: if the pregnancy is longer, and the baby is bigger, women can be expected to have a bigger abdomen. .

To illustrate his comments, Dr. Sublonier takes a simple example. “A rider on the Tour de France can quadruple his energy consumption during the eight hours of the race day and at all different stages.

“Nature is well made”

Bernard Sublonier argues that certainly less a person than a cyclist, but in the case of the future mother, excessive consumption of energy is “permanent”. “So during this time, the human body works harder by balancing energy between the brain, the organs and the baby.” Finally, the body can not be pulled beyond the womb because it can not take much. And the specialist commented: “Nature did well.”

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