May 28, 2022

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Coffeefield mistake? – Sports VAT

Coffeefield mistake?  - Sports VAT

After a relentless start to the campaign, Cole Cowfield scored his first goal of the campaign against Washington Capitals 6-3 on Wednesday night.

CH’s hopeful hope was later addressed in a satisfactory tone to the media, which raised more than one eyebrow.

“I love Cole Cowfield. I also want him to stay in Montreal. Leadership And experience, ”explained Philip Boucher on the show. JiC.

Press Point by Cole Cowfield –

What should Dominic Ducharm do?

The Blue-Blank-Rouge pilot is getting more and more criticism. Is there an irreversible condition? What is the next step for the Montreal organization?

“When you don’t win, you get a job in Montreal to be criticized. The owner, the general manager, the coach, the players are all in the same boat, ”added the former defender, who played 748 games on the Betman circuit.

“I would like the Montreal Canadians to hire an experienced coach to support Ducharm. Hubs does not Leadership We need to support a coach like Dominic who is in his early stages in the NHL, ”he said.

An unforgettable match

November 24, 2006 will undoubtedly remain a special date for Boucher and his family. During that time, the Dallas Stars competed with the Los Angeles Kings for victory. The Stars Signed for a 5-3 victory, but the Quebec defender scored three goals in a game worth more than the usual two points in normal standing …

“I realized the day before I had to urgently return to Quebec to see my father who was ill. The doctor called us to tell him that if we wanted to see him alive, it was now. ”

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“Mon. Train box When I got to the arena Dave Tippet looked into my eyes and said I didn’t need to play. I really need it. I was able to bring Paki to our dad from my hat trick. It’s very special, ”he admitted emotionally.

Many big names have emerged in this Texan architecture. Of these, Mike Ribeiro, Sergei Zhubov, Mike Modano, Brendan Morrow, Eric Lindros, to name a few.

“We have a great hockey machine. Honestly, I won the Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins, but the best team I’ve ever played on paper is the Stars, ”he concluded.

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