March 28, 2023

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A data center selects Quebec for its environment

A data center selects Quebec for its environment

Quebec winter cold is sought after by companies in the field of computing and data protection.

For this reason, the Vantage Company decided to invest more in the already well-established province of Quebec and Montreal.

“It is cold. Throughout the year, the temperature is cool. Thereby allowing the rooms to be cooled without the use of electricity. At the moment, the units are not working, do not consume electricity, because of course, we can use the outside temperature to cool the interior of our rooms, ”said Maxim Gurin, president and general manager of Vantage.

In addition to the weather, two other factors have pushed the scale, Vantage CEO said.

The environment is also one of the factors that helps Quebec do well in attracting businesses and customers.

“Hydro-Québec produces 99.6% of its green energy. So this is Green Energy. This is very attractive for companies like ours that have the potential to become carbon neutral by 2030. You understand that electricity costs in Quebec are low and if we maintain a very efficient data center, it will have a direct impact on us. Operating costs are low, ”the CEO emphasized.

The growing demand for its services during the epidemic forced Vantage to expand and build a new data center that would require an investment of 900 million.

“We are very proud of it. It represents 150% growth in the physical capacity we have today. It is to meet the demand. With COVID, we have experienced an increase in these requests. We can think of all the employees who have been working from home since the outbreak began,” he said.

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