November 27, 2022

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All decisions in French and Quebec in WSP

All decisions in French and Quebec in WSP

Despite its playground world, Quebec engineering giant WSP Global, which previously promised to continue making decisions in Geneva, Quebec, the situation will not change despite the company’s rapid growth. .

“Everything happens in Montreal. Everything in our head office is in French. You come and sit in our conference room, we always speak French, ”assured Alexandre Elhirex, the company’s boss, at a conference in the Canadian Circle.

Unlike other Quebec companies that have seen their decision-making center move out, the manager reminds us that senior management is mainly based in Montreal.


“It is very necessary, I am proud of it, we as a company are proud of it. I can not speak for others, I do not follow conference rooms and boards of directors, but it’s important to us, ”WSP’s Bigg Boss began.

The Quebec and Canadian markets are key to the company, which has worked on various projects such as the Turquoise Interchange repair in recent years.

In addition, WSP confirms that it will be on the run for future projects such as REM de l’Est returning to the drawing board.

“The call for tenders has not been submitted yet and we have nothing to bid on at this time. If tenders are called and things go well, we will definitely be interested in bidding, ”he said.

Soon it will be twice as big

WSP was running for the first REM, but was not selected. The leader declined to comment on the postponements of various public transport projects in Quebec.

“I have no opinion on what a politician should or should not do. All I can say is that I see the pace at which the first REM phase is developing, which has been a great success so far, ”he said.

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The WSP wants to double in size over the next few years, and the OECD is doing a lot of calculations on infrastructure projects, especially the biden plan starting in 2023, as well as energy conversion.

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