December 6, 2022

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The Supreme Court of the United States may overrule the right to abortion

The Supreme Court of the United States may overrule the right to abortion

The Supreme Court of the United States is preparing to overturn a landmark judgment of 1973, recognizing the right to abortion, the newspaper Politico assured Monday, based on an unprecedented leak of documents.

The newspaper noted that the draft of February 10 was written by the traditional judge Samuel Alito and received a majority decision, which is yet to be discussed until it is published by June 30.

Rowe V. Wade, who almost half a century ago believed that the US Constitution protects women’s right to abortion, wrote in the proposed text that it was “completely unfounded from the beginning”.

“Roy v. Wade should be abolished”, adds Samuel Alito, whose right to abortion is “not protected by any provision in the Constitution”.

If the resolution is approved by the High Court, the United States will return to its pre-1973 status quo, after which each state may prohibit or authorize abortions.

In view of the significant geographical and political divisions on this issue, half the states, especially the conservative South and Central, should quickly boycott the process on their soil.

“Be clear: this is a basic draft. It’s awful, unprecedented but not final: abortion remains your right and is still legal, ”tweeted Planned Parenthood, which runs several abortion clinics.

Donald Trump brought in three judges in five years and deeply changed the Supreme Court, consolidating his traditional majority (six judges out of nine).

Since September, this new court has sent a number of positive signals to opponents of abortion.

She initially refused to allow Texas law to come into force, which limits the right to abortion to the first six weeks of pregnancy within two trimesters under the current legal framework.

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In its December review of the Mississippi Act, it also questioned the legal deadline for abortion, making it clear that most of its magistrates were prepared to dismiss or rescind Roy v. Wade.

Document submitted by Politico is related to this file. Its publication was a very rare leak to the Supreme Court, where the privacy of the negotiations was almost never violated.