July 3, 2022

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Joe Biden fell off his bike and then got up quickly

Joe Biden fell off his bike and then got up quickly

(Rehoboth Beach) US President Joe Biden, 79, fell while trying to disembark his stationery bike in Delaware on Saturday morning, where he spent the weekend, but quickly got up and promised “good”.

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While riding his bike on Rehobot Beach, a small seaside town, he spends most of the weekend at sea in his villa, with the president dropping by at 9:40 a.m., a reporter from the Pool Presidential said.

Mr Biden said he wanted to stop talking to passers-by and journalists waiting for him, but said he had trouble removing his foot from the pedal fitted with the toe-clip. According to the journalist video, while his bike was not moving, he fell to the side.

Photo by Elizabeth Franz, Reuters

Immediately his security guards surrounded him, but quickly reached his feet.

When asked about his condition, he replied, “I am fine.”

The president wore shorts, blue sneakers, a bicycle helmet and gloves. According to the journalist, no visible traces of the fall, such as scratches, were found.

He then talked for a while with passers-by and then with journalists, and got back on the bike 5 minutes later.

“As the president said, his foot got stuck in the pedal as he got off the bike and he was fine,” a White House official said.

“Medical help is not required,” the official added. “The president is looking forward to spending the rest of the day with his family. ⁇

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His wife Jill Biden was also on his walk, she did not see the fall, she continued on her way. The couple celebrated their 45th anniversary this weekend.

The health of all American presidents has been closely monitored, but most notably Joe Biden, the oldest American president in office.

In November 2020, Mr. Biden, though already elected but not yet elected president, broke his leg while playing with one of his two German Shepherds, the Major.

One year later, in November 2021, his doctor indicated during a health check that Joe Biden was “in good health”, “energetic” and “fit” to perform.