July 6, 2022

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The Giant Ring was installed in downtown Montreal

The Giant Ring was installed in downtown Montreal

Two days after its official opening, the nearly 30-meter-diameter Giant Ring was unveiled Saturday in the heart of downtown Montreal, in the Esplanade Place Ville Mary. About thirty workers were engaged in this delicate work.

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Henry Ouellette-Vezina

Henry Ouellette-Vezina

On the way from Press, Preparing to retrieve the 400-tonne crane work and place it at a margin of five centimeters on each side of the structure between the two buildings facing the Esplanade. The ring is expected to be fully installed by the end of the day.

The work, signed by landscape architect Claude Carmier behind the colorful balls in the Village, was done at a total cost of five million dollars. This permanent installation seeks to “revitalize the city center after two years of epidemic and load shedding”. Press Mr. Cormier last April.

“The reception was very positive, very strong. I think the work will be energetic. It has a neat presence. And the work on the installation is very impressive, ”Mr. Carmire said when he arrived by telephone on Saturday.

He noted that the huge ring “fits the symbolic axis of Avenue McGill College. Place Ville Mary, McGill University, bordering the former Royal Victoria Hospital and Mount Royal Park, reveals more than 200 years of our city’s history”. “It complements what has already been done in Placeville Mary in a good way, where we have already invested $ 200 million in repair and renovation work,” he said. Carmier also argued last spring.

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The 30-meter-diameter structure, made of steel and designed by the Quebec company Mormon, founded in Trois-Rivieres, hangs several meters above the ground at the main entrance of the Esplanade Place Ville Marie above the ‘monument stairs’. .

Earlier this week, due to weather conditions, a grand opening of the facility took place in the western lobby of 1 Place Ville Mary on Thursday. In particular, the fully pedestrian public square should see daylight there and various urban developments will be installed there.