June 24, 2024

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When even teachers buy peace with candies and curtains!

When even teachers buy peace with candies and curtains!

We call him Mme J.

All the children at this elementary school in Montreal dreamed of having him in the sixth grade.

When she returned from a 22-day strike, they promised to “cooperate with her not going on sick leave”.

No time to waste in class. Fall is spent in intensive English, so you have to cover all other subjects in 5 months.

But that didn't stop his students from giving each Friday afternoon off.

Buy peace

Welcome to “Candy Screen Fridays”!

Every Friday studentsme J. can bring candy or other junk and enjoy a free afternoon playing on their screens.

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Video games, YouTube and so on. The students are in heaven, we must believe that madam has holy peace.

Faced with questions from parents, she replied that she was trying to leave the ballast behind so that the children could end the year happily.

“They are struggling to make up for lost time during the strike.”

As one of these parents told me, “Our first fight at this age was screens and candy, and now school is at it again!”

At most, Mme J. admits that candy is probably too much.


Friday awards are nothing new.

There was a time when students earned themselves an extra long break, a trip to the park.

But no, not in M ​​classme J.

In this world where governments are questioning the lifting of curtains in the lives of young people, she believes that parents are pulling their hair, and her students are getting the freedom that their parents don't give them, which is not consent.

Archive photo provided by the First Seigneuries School Board

The impact of screens on young people's neurocognitive development is making headlines, but she concludes that another two hours won't tip the scales.

We apologize for the children's sedentary lifestyle, affecting their health and their learning, but she ruled that it would be a good idea to use two hours of free time a week to get them to sit in class.

And the strike?? You have to believe that all his students are geniuses and unlike others, they don't matter.


And what is the management saying? Hard to imagine she didn't know.

In the current climate, dare she step in and face union outrage for undermining “professional autonomy”?

You see, parents are afraid of shaking things up a lot.

That's why they asked me to keep quiet without mentioning the name of the school or the teacher.

Mme J. is a good teacher and with 6 weeks until the end of the year this is not the time to alienate her. Even less of jeopardizing his son's academic success.

I can't wait for CAQ and PQ's young people to demand better monitoring of screens in school!

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