June 16, 2024

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Trudeau: Bury of social cohesion

Trudeau: Bury of social cohesion

Since being elected in 2015, Trudeau has gone on a spending spree and achieved the formidable feat of doubling the federal debt. But nothing is free. And today he wants taxpayers to pay for his fiscal irresponsibility, particularly by raising taxes on capital gains.

In the infantile and grossly manipulative video he stars in, Trudeau explains to us that the “rich” don't pay enough taxes and therefore it's “reasonable” to make them pay. But his argument is popular and trending.


Popular because, rather than unifying, it divides Canadians by pointing the finger at one group and stoking the frustrations and other toxic resentments of the rest of the population. By targeting the “rich”, he incites class struggle. Karl Marx would be proud of him!

As for his argument, it leans for two reasons.

On the one hand it sows confusion between the rich and capital gainers. However, anyone who sells the property is subject to capital gains tax. Thus, those who sell their chalet or the duplex they have invested in to ensure their retirement will always be covered by this tax, even if they are a middle-class worker.

On the other hand, it fails to mention that the richest 20% of households pay 61.9% of personal income taxes and 53.1% of total taxes.


Thus, we have a Prime Minister trying to cover up his incompetence and divert attention from his dismal record by stirring up jealousy of a misidentified group and acting as a graveyard for social cohesion.

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Fortunately, history shows that political propaganda always leads to downfall and that those who divide and rule are actually setting themselves up for their downfall.

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