September 23, 2023

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Ottawa transfers asylum seekers from Wrexham to Ontario

Ottawa transfers asylum seekers from Wrexham to Ontario

Radio-Canada has learned that Ottawa has agreed to a repeated request from the Quebec government that has been under discussion for several months.

While A A record number of immigrants Currently crossing New York state via this minor road and becoming increasingly scarce in the greater Montreal area, Justin Trudeau’s government is reviewing its plans.

The Government of Canada is committed to working with its municipal and provincial partners to help alleviate the pressures they face in providing temporary housing to refugee claimants crossing between points of entry.Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada spokeswoman Julie LaFortune (IRCC)

It indicates that the first transfers started on June 30 IRCCIt identifies a no [demandeurs d’asile] No intention of staying in the province of Quebec.

Ottawa does not specify the number of migrants it can send each day, but it a A small number who will go In Niagara Falls, OntarioHowever we state.

IRCC works with the City of Ottawa and the Municipality of Niagara to help refugee claimants find alternative housing and access community supports available to them. »

A quote from Julie LaFortune, IRCC spokesperson

Whether there is or not Providing social servicesof which Long term housingThe remains Responsibility of Provinces and MunicipalitiesOttawa has promised to help foot the bill substantially.

Quebec, for example, was paid more than half a billion dollars 2017 to 2020 with a view to reducing refugee accommodation pressures and [aux] Rising costs in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemicResume IRCC.

Quebec at full capacity

Prior to this announcement from Ottawa, the Legault government had denied it Sensitivity In this case the federal government. Quebec, besides What happened in 2017?is already there He closed the door at the opening of the Olympic Stadium For the reception of these refugees.

Between January and May, more than 13,000 migrants crossed Wroxham Road. Many people never use this irregular route to reach Canada at this time of year.

Faced with this large wave of refugees that did not subside during the summer, Quebec and Ottawa faced a real headache regarding their accommodation.

All 1,200 beds managed by Quebec are occupied, with almost all 1,143 rooms reserved by Ottawa. Some families are currently staying in these dormitories for more than a month, due to their difficulty in finding new accommodation.

Faced with this situation, the Canada Border Services Agency has already decided to significantly increase reception capacity near the border and Wroxham Road.

New trailers will be installed on the service road in the coming weeks. They can accommodate around 500 migrants, currently there are 300 migrants.

These facilities currently provide temporary accommodation for refugees who, according to various accounts, can stay there for up to three days.