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4 Things to Do When You’ve Cracked Your Tooth

Did you crack your tooth? You might be panicking about what to do. We’ve discussed everything you should know below. Keep reading. 

Rinse Your Mouth

Rinse your mouth immediately. When rinsing, be gentle. You would feel a sharp pain in the cracked tooth otherwise. 

Should you use warm, cold, or room temperature water? Use warm water, as it would do a better job at disinfecting. Moreover, warm water would be more soothing. As you can imagine, you should make sure the water is not too hot. You could be in more pain otherwise. And if you’ve other dental issues, you can get rid of plaque with the best dentist in lancaster.

Use a Cold Compress

When you’ve cracked your tooth, you might experience some bleeding and swelling. The swelling would make it hard for you to speak. Thankfully, you can reduce the swelling by applying a cold press to your mouth. 

Here’s how you can make a cold compress: 

  • Place ice cubes in a plastic bag
  • Place a damp cloth around the plastic bag

Applying the cold compress to your mouth for around 20 minutes would help get rid of any inflammation. It would be ideal for placing the compress as you’re on the way to see an emergency dentist. 

Avoid Eating

Don’t eat or chew anything after you’ve cracked your tooth. You could open the crack and irritate the soft tissue underneath. The soft tissue would be full of blood vessels and nerves – you would experience quite a bit of pain, as well as a lot of blood coming out. 

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See a Dentist

A cracked tooth can be very painful. What’s more, not getting it treated could lead to a pulp infection. A pulp infection could cause bacteria to infect your jaw, which would be a huge problem. 

Thankfully, cracked or broken teeth qualifies as an emergency, which is why many dental clinics offer emergency services for the issue. 

Be wise about the clinic you’re going to. Visit a reputed name like Barrie Smile Centre dentist. You would get the best possible emergency treatment. 

What Are the Types of Fractured Teeth?

Although tough, teeth aren’t indestructible. They can fracture if you apply enough pressure. There are five main types of teeth fractures. Let’s talk about them. 

Craze Lines 

Craze lines are any tiny cracks on the outer layer of your tooth. They’re pretty standard and don’t cause any pain or discomfort. You won’t have to get them treated. 

Fractured Cusp 

When you’ve fractured your tooth’s surface, you’re dealing with a fractured cusp. You would experience a sharpness whenever you try to eat.  

Vertical Root Fracture

Instead of on the tip, any fractures that start at the end of your tooth would be vertical root fractures. 

Crack Tooth 

A cracked tooth would have a crack from the tip to the root. If it’s tiny, it would be called a hairline fracture. 

So, what do you think of everything discussed? Cracked and broken teeth can hurt quite a bit. Thankfully, there are many ways to treat the problem. Be sure to visit the dentist, though. Many dental clinics specialize in fixing cracked teeth. 

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