May 23, 2024

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6 Shades should not be on your terrace

6 Shades should not be on your terrace

Color is an ally that should not be neglected when adjusting or refreshing the atmosphere of the terrace. Some shades are preferred because they are trendy or because they visually expand the exterior, while others are to be avoided. Discover the colors to avoid in 2024 and the hits to adopt urgently!

Has-Been Colors: Shades of Forgetfulness on the Terrace in 2024

Among the trendy spring colors for the terrace in 2023, the light brown, OcherOr even Light gray color Appreciated. In 2024, these shades will not be popular. The reason? Decorative style Changes and changes according to tastes, but also the style you want to have on your terrace.

Beige is timeless Color goes everywhere It should be avoided as it does not highlight externally. This shade can also be given sometimes Limited spatial focus. For gray, it can be dull and made up A gloomy terraceEspecially when you need warmth and good humor.

Terrace: A sophisticated color palette in 2024

Having a terrace is an asset. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it. To highlight it, select Solar Shades, which invites relaxation and good humor. The terracotta color brings a shade reminiscent of nature Mediterranean heat and compatibility with your outdoor space.

such as Honey yellow is synonymous with radiant softness. This sunny color is perfect for brightening up your terrace and creating a welcoming atmosphere. The Candy roseOr any other elegant color that brings vibrancy and a little softness to the exterior.

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What will the modern terrace look like in 2024?

It is possible to combine these bright colors with decorative objects or furniture in the same tones but lightly. Good for them Natural ingredients And Weather resistant in which you live. To arrange your terrace, you need to consider its surface area above all.

So, go for candy pink walls A delightful retro touch. Honey yellow goes well with outdoor furniture Rattan During this spring-summer period. Terracotta brings to mind the natural part and creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. You can adopt plants on a sun-tolerant terrace, just put them in wooden cages. Feeling surrounded by nature. For a more warm and relaxing atmosphere, Bamboo fabric cushions would be perfect.

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